Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is when a vada jostles with a doughnut. And both win.

Change sometimes means more than just a physical and mental upgrade of lifestyle and mindset.
It is also an externalisation of what we want others to perceive us as, because of the change.

Why stay in Ajay Vilas  when you can stay in Ambrosia?
Sounds global. Feels local.
Or what we order  for our Sunday brunches for instance.
Eggs Benedict seem to be the latest favourite.

It is a good  thing to aspire to be global.
The walls have indeed come down and we can have all the experiences we had only once in a blue moon when the lucky few travelled overseas, at every Indian city.
Makes us more comfortable with ourselves as well.

But what truly sets us apart  is that we  continue to have some room for all those good things that nestle in our own home ground.
We flaunt our own attire with equal flair.
Medu vadas jostle for space at snack time with the sugar coated doughnuts.

We respect. We hope. We pray.
It's a life of balance.
Of what we have imported as lifestyle.
And what we have lived as a way of life.

It is a story of adaptation. Not adoption.

It is what keeps us rooted and winged.
So that we can fly.
And come back home every night.