Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Embracing Imperfections

The Kurkure Tedha Hai, Par Mera Hai is more than just a twisted savory crying out for attention.
The campaign is a reflection of how India today is embracing imperfections.

The matrimonial columns a decade ago had "fair, beautiful, slim" as a firm checklist for prospective brides.
We were conscious of society, of occasions, of expectation.
We were groomed and coached to achieve perfection, gold standards set by society.
Good wife, accomplished career oriented men, family car, own house, family values.

Bollywood epitomised perfection with the actor profiling.
The Ma, the Bahu Beti, the Hero.

Skin colour was and still is, in many ways, a measure of perfection.
The Kajol Bipasha brigade never quite matched up to the Ashdom of the screen, acting capabilities definitely not being a yardstick.

We liked following the norms.
The right lengths... hair or kurta.
The right smile
The right words
The right relationships
The right jobs

Today, this picture perfect canvas we all liked to strive towards has a few impromptu brush strokes. Maybe an occasional wrinkle. A couple of dark spots. But it is a more achievable, acceptable and likeable picture.

So what if the girl is dark? She can still be as good.
I don't mind my son becoming a diving coach
I am not fluent in English but that's fine. I am great at expressing myself.
Fat is not equal to ugly
I am open and outspoken

There are many obviously many more statements and expressions that show that we are increasingly embracing imperfections.

This is a manifestation of a strong undercurrent of self belief and pride in who we are.
We are drawing back the shades of pretense and revealing our true selves because we have the conviction to listen to what we really want to do and be and go ahead and just do that or be that.

It is a great place to be .

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