Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Unbuttoned

Raunchy numbers like Choli ke peeche and many more have always added mountains of ooze and oomph to entertainment.

The "vamp" of yesteryears was an icon by herself.

Always better dressed, a much better dancer, street smart, the "vamp" was looked upon as almost evil by India. At least by women.

India is unbuttoning fast and  definitely loosening up.
Low cut kurtis and lower cut blouses
Crystals adorning navels peeping out from chiffon clad waistlines
"Lip to Lip" kisses victoriously marching past the censor pens
Six packs, bare bodies make men more sensuous than ever.
Wake up Sids glorify older women younger man relationships- live in at that.

The ad world is a great reflector of this .
Am-Sutras rub shoulders with Akshay Kumar unbuttoning his Levi's.
Pre production meetings no longer have clients insisting on long kurtas and full sleeves for mass India.
Plaits have all but become obsolete.

Smaller towns are quick to pick up the trails
Shaadi.com is also a dating site
Curfew hour at home is much more relaxed
Patriarchs  have realised that raised eyebrows will not reduce the shorter hemlines.

Yes, India is still rooted.
To its traditions and old values.
Maybe that's what keeps our minds rooted as well .
And our feet more grounded.

But the wings  have sprouted as well.
There's no caging back the young.

We are proud to flaunt.
Not just our toned physique.

But also our confidence.
Self Believe.
Even audaciousness.

It is indeed Life Unbuttoned.


  1. Btw...I do write as well



  2. Thank you Nikhil. Will definitely check out your blog.