Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gotta be Rich to lead a Poor life

As I scour the supermarkets for bajra flour to make coarse rotis for my dinner, many thoughts cross my mind.

Actually, these thoughts are prompted by the large font labels waving out to my eyeballs.

Jaggery, organic, whole wheat, unrefined oil, unsalted butter, farm fed chicken and more.

The prices printed in small print actually do make eyeballs roll... super premium is an understatement.

Natural living, Back to nature are new mantras.

Deluxe resorts tucked away in mountains where you leave behind your ipads, mobile phones and your busy lives to eat fresh fruit meals, meditate on grass, and have bodies massaged with natural oils, finally retiring to natural lamp lit rooms with cane furniture and mats.Even light mosquito coils to make it absolutely natural.

Being evangelists for food brands which have the magic words Nature Fresh, Whole Wheat, Organic and Pure.

We even like wrapping hand made gifts in hand made paper for that house warming do every now and then.

Landscaping is done to simulate the rural farmyards.

The list is endless.

Rustic is modern. Coarse is the new finesse.

And comes at a super premium mark up.

For a life our grandfathers and maybe even some of our parents grew up in.
A life led by most Indians even now in the farming expanses across our massive nation.
People who would give an arm and a leg to spend just a day like we do.
Have a meal like we do, a ride in a car, a shopping bag full for just one day.

Maybe a simple exchange programme of our lives would fulfil a million dreams and let us lead the natural lives we want to. Just for a day.

We don't have to really pay to lead a poor man's life.


  1. cannot agree with you more....i believe the simple reason for this is we are so disconnected to our roots...